Sound, Music! 2023‍

An educational-music project for Primary School - 13th edition

Elfo Puccini Theater, Shakespeare Hall
Saturday, March 18, 2023, 3 p.m.
‍Recitalopen to the public


Alfonso Antoniozzi, ideation and narrative voice
Alessandro Ferrari, maestro concertatore
Miriam Ullrich, animations

Musicians of the Filarmonica della Scala

music from L'estro Armonico and
‍TheFour Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi,
and original compositions by Alessandro Ferrari

Free admission, reservations required

Sound, Music!, the educational project of Filarmonica della Scala born in 2011 in collaboration with Main Partner UniCredit and dedicated to children of Milan's elementary school, protagonists of an articulated program that allows the students of the classes involved to know, while having fun, the repertoire of the great masterpieces, is back.

EvvivaVivaldi! is the final concert-show of the 2023 edition, dedicated to the discovery of Antonio Vivaldi, one of the most fascinating figures in 18th-century Italian music. Thirty-three instrumentalists from the Philharmonic, conducted by Alessandro Ferrari, are joined this year by Alfonso Antoniozzi, creator and narrator.

The show traces Antonio Vivaldi's life: his family, the ups and downs of his music, his enormous popularity at home as a violinist at St. Mark's Basilica, then as violin master at the Pio Ospedale della Pietà and composer and opera impresario at the Teatro Sant'Angelo, his fame abroad at European aristocratic courts, until his fall from grace in his final years. A versatile musician and brilliant storyteller, Alfonso Antoniozzi recounts the figure of the "red priest" by interweaving it with images and descriptions of Venetian musical life in those years, from the "women's hospitals"-where exceptional female musicians were trained-to the birth of popular opera music, which finally emerged from the private sphere of the nobility and invaded the city.

The life and works of Antonio Vivaldi are an opportunity to learn about musical notes and their origin, the musical instruments of the orchestra, the extension of the human voice, the classification of operatic voices, and many other historical and musical trivia. 

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