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Open Ticket: Treat yourself to the Filarmonica Season

Open ticket forDue and forFour to use when you want and with whom you want

Yet another new ticket formula to attend concerts in the upcoming Season of Filarmonica della Scala. Open Ticket is born: an à la carte ticket , which you pay for today but can use whenever you want for one or more concerts of your choice when sales open.

A way to go to Teatro alla Scala freely, alone or with friends, ideal as an exclusive Christmas gift. Two formulas - Open Ticket forTwo and forFour - allow you to purchase two or four tickets, in the desired sector of the Theater from the stalls to the first gallery, to be activated for one or more concerts. For example, an Open Ticket perQuattro in the stalls allows you to reserve, as of the date sales open, 4 seats for one concert or 1 seat for four different concerts, in the selected sector, or any other possible combination. All purchased Open Tickets are valid until Monday, November 4, 2024.

Open Ticket forDue and forFour is available at filarmonica.vivaticket.it When sales open for the concert(s) you wish to book, simply enter the code you received when you purchased the Open Ticket at filarmonica.vivaticket.it/free-subscription.


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